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Data Logger


DL-100 Data Logger is the advanced data logging device for fleet management. This black box can record all kinds of vehicle status: GPS data, fuel consumption, idle time/engine idle, braking speed at the time of braking, duration of braking, directional light, head light, hazard light, etc. It can be integrated with Blue-tooth for Wireless data transmission at the point of return.

Complete PC software is provided to read these Data. If you have your own Map-software, then GPS data can be shown on the E-map.


* Data storage:
   standard data format: 32Bytes x 65536
   compressed data format: 16Bytes x 131072
* Interface: 3 x A/D, 10 x Digital
   Inputs, 1 x RS232
* Dimensions: 95 x 55 x25 (mm)