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Picture of Car / Boat Security and Tracking System for Fleet Management and Dispatching

Vehicle Fleet Management and Dispatching System

ITMS-899 uses GPS satellite positioning system to pin-point vehicle's exact location and then uses GSM/GPRS network to transmit its location to the control center. The Control Center is equipped with high accuracy e-map to monitor each vehicle in the fleet control management.

System Functions

* The car unit can choose 4 ways (SMS, USSD, VDD and GPRS) to continuously report car location for minimum communication cost.
* Fleet control and monitor every vehicle's position and movement.
* Two-way communication with hands-free devices.
* Record and follow up vehicle's traveling route.
* All day automatic vehicle monitoring and anti-theft control.
* Portable control center in a notebook to automatically control and monitor the vehicle in any place.
* SOS emergency key or IR remote to provide real-time emergency rescue.
* Any time the manager can assign any vehicle for dispatching.
* Dispatching commands can be sent to the car unit using car printer (option), LCD MDT (option), and hands-free car phone from the control center.
* Mobile Bar code reader can send Bar code information to the control center at any time.
* The control center with internet version can link all vehicles from branch office to the headquarter for the whole fleet monitoring.
* The control center with unmanned web site allows the manager to track the vehicle through the internet.



* Taxi fleet control and management
* Delivery truck's fleet management
* Trucking and bus fleet management
* Security vehicle (such as money truck) control and management
* Rental vehicle's tracking and management
* Postal motorcycle fleet management
* Government organization and private company's fleet management