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Fleet Control Center Software (Internet Version)

System Functions

* Multi-Windows for Vehicle Real-Time Tracking: Can track 10 vehicles separately in 10 different Windows on one page. Able to track up to 300 vehicles in independent windows on different page.
* Continuous Tracking: Continuous tracking on each vehicle or aircraft (record data every 3 ~ 5 secs).
* Quick Location Search: According to classified district, street or intersection, you can search any position very easily.
* Historical Tracking Record Replay: Can use fast or slow speed to replay historical tracking record at specific timeframe.
* Speeding Alert: Fleet management function.
* Status Control Window: Can control & monitor all vehicles on the same window (Green means normal; Red means abnormal; Blue means the vehicle is being tracked).
* Emergency Function: When the driver press the SOS Emergency key, the control center can receive the emergency signal and provide real-time emergency rescue.
* Intelligent Electronic Map Operations: Can scroll, zoom, move, center, and drag the E-map very quickly.
* Best Route Search & Distance Calculation: E-map search function.
* Self-defined points: E-map basic function.
* Overstaying Warning: Fleet management function.
* Map Printout: Fleet management function.
* Internet look up: Fleet management function.

Hardware Specification

* Data Base Sever: CPU Intel Pentium 4.2 GHz and above 256MB RAM, hard disk 40 GB and above
* TMS Main Terminal: CPU Intel Pentium III & above 256MB RAM, hard Disk 20GB & above 4 RS232 interface & above
* Customer Internet look-up terminal: Intel Pentium 3 or higher level PC; required 100MB HDD Space for installation

Software Specification

* Data Base Server: WIN2000 SERVER OS, SQL SERVER 2000, IIS5.0 and above
* TMS Main Terminal: Window 98/2000/XP, operating system
* Customer Internet Look-Up Terminal: IE5.0 and above


* Taxi fleet control and management
* Delivery truck's fleet management
* Trucking and Bus fleet management
* Security Vehicle (such as money truck) control and management
* Rental vehicle's tracking and management
* Postal motorcycle fleet management
* Government organization and private company's fleet management