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Advanced Vehicle Communication Security & Tracking System

VCSTS-5 is a new generation of high-tech satellite security system. Not only small size, easy to operate, also has special design Control Center provides total safety protection, emergency rescue and special services, it also offer you and your vehicle an all-time protection.

Control Center Full Function Services

* 24-hour operator real-time service
* Real-time vehicle location search
* Real-time traffic information search
* Real-time voice road-guidance service
* Real-time geographic information search (including gas station, hospital, hotel, parking-lot etc. over 160 types)
* Real-time help services
   SOS Emergency
   Medical help
   Service help
   Anti-theft help
   Road help
   Accidental help

SOS Emergency Rescue

By press the SOS key on IR Dial Pad or RF Remote, it will report to the Control Center, and proceed to track the vehicle, monitor and record voice, and call the police for help.

Anti-theft Reporting

When the vehicle's door got open, vibrate, tow, or break-in, the car unit will report to the Control Center and vehicle owner's phone, and proceed to track the vehicle and call the police for help.

Medical / Service Reporting

By press medical or service key, the car unit will report to the Control Center to proceed medical help or service help.

Hands-free/In-Coming Call Voice Reporting

Hands-free car phone in the car unit to ensure driving safety. The in-coming call voice reporting can help to ignore unnecessary calls.

Other Additional Functions

* Remote vehicle search
* The car unit has its own power source, when main power gets cut off, it will report to the control center and vehicle owner immediately
* Mobile Internet Function (keep GPRS interface for mobile internet)
* The car unit and accessories are designed for installing at well hidden place to prevent any intentional destruction
* May connect to its original car security sensor
* Navigation function (keep GPS interface for other navigator)

Advanced Options

* Handset
* MDT Display
* Microwave Sensor
* Ultrasonic Sensor
* Tow Sensor
* Vibration Sensor
* Immobilizer
* SOS Emergency Remote
* Vehicle Tow Reporting Function
* Vehicle's central lock link can automatically lock up to ensure personal safety
* Control Center Remote open/ close vehicle door
* Disconnecting fuel and electricity function to ensure vehicle can not be operated illegally
* Connecting PDA or Car PC for Navigation
* Connecting Notebook using GPRS port for mobile internet