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GPS Security Guard


  • G-Guard is a new generation of high-tech satellite security system. It is designed for easy DIY installation, easy to operate and many different monitoring methods. G-Guard not only provide you with safety protection, emergency rescue and special services, it also offer you and your vehicle an all-time protection and full function services.
  • Unmanned Control Center is specially designed for the G-Guard users to have DIY vehicle location Search, Tracking and SOS Emergency reporting services. To avoid expansive charge of regular Control Center, the unmanned control center provides the most efficient and economic way to protect the users and their vehicles.

Mobile Phone Searching and Tracking Function

* Vehicle Searching: using any mobile phone can show vehicle physical location.
* Continuous Tracking: Using any mobile phone can show vehicle continuous tracking.

Internet Searching and Tracking Function

Using Notebook or PC through Internet to link with unmanned control center for vehicle searching and tracking.

Portable Decoder for Continuous Tracking Function

Using portable decoder and PDA or Notebook with E-map for vehicle continuous tracking without internet.

Anti-Theft Reporting

Car Unit using short message to report to 2 preset mobile phones and calling to the user simultaneously.

SOS Emergency Reporting

Car Unit 1st using short message to report to 2 preset mobile phones, then through unmanned control center to find driver' s physical location and send 2nd short message to 2 preset mobile phones to show the physical location.

Monitoring and Communication Function

* Using 2 preset phone to call in the car unit for monitoring.
* Using 1 preset phone to call in the car unit for talking with someone in the vehicle.


* Using unmanned control center and Internet, the users can find their car in 30 seconds.
* Car Unit and remote control are designed in separate body to increase safety.
* Car Unit and it's accessories are designed for installation at well hidden place to prevent any intentional destroy.
* Easy DIY Installation
* G-Guard has hands-free function
* G-Guard is a highly stable and sensitive system.
* G-Guard has self-testing and automatic recharging functions.
* G-Guard has anti-shock and anti-destruction ability.
* G-Guard can connect to its original car security sensor.
* G-Guard has it's own power source, when the main power gets cut off it can still function.

Components for G-Guard

* G-Guard Main Unit
* GPS module and antenna
* GSM module and antenna
* IR remote control (with receiver)
* Hands-Free speaker and microphone
* 4 key RF remote
* Personal Decoder
* Microwave Sensor