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Picture of Car / Boat Security and Tracking System for Mobile Guard


Anti-theft Reporting

When someone break in, M-Guard uses GSM network to report to the owner and the police the current situation automatically. It has 5 preset reporting numbers. Then owner and police can monitor the thief.

Emergency Reporting

Under emergency situation, the owner can press SOS key, on the RF remote. M-Guard also use GSM network to report to 5 preset reporting phone numbers for monitoring and rescue action.


Car, Motorcycle, Bike, Boat, House, Cargo Container, and any objects etc.

Mini-Loudspeaker (optional)

When the M-Guard is triggered, you can use mini-loudspeaker to warn and expel the thief.

Extra Functions

* 100% water proof
* Easy DIY installation and hiding
* Tri-band GSM module for worldwide tracking and monitoring
* Immobilization function
* Can connect traditional car alarm system to add GSM reporting function
* Can add microwave and vibration sensor for complete anti-theft reporting