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Picture of Car / Boat Security and Tracking System for Bus Dynamic-Info and Display

Bus Dynamic-Info Display System

System Description

* GPS real-time vehicle positioning
* GSM/ GPRS real-time reporting
* Internet/ cable tv info search
* Personal paging system

System Structure

* The car unit with automatic report function
* The control center with electronic map
* Real time bus dynamic-info display system (including stopover, internet,and cable TV information)
* Personal bus info status paging system (including personal pager for display of real-time Bus location)

Car Unit

* GPS Receiver with Antenna
* GSM/ GPRS Module with Antenna
* Interface Module and Controller
* Positioning/ Reporting software
* Dial Pad

Control Center

* GIS of covered area
* Integrated Control and Monitoring Software
* GSM/GPRS Module and Information Server
* Real-Time Bus Dispatching Software

Bus Dynamic-Info Display System

* Internet
   Internet Server
   Vehicle Position Data Base
* Cable TV System
   Dynamic-info Processing
* Module
   Signal Transmission Processor
* Bus Stopover Station
   GSM/GPRS module
   Position Display Module
   LED Display Panel
   Interface Module and Controller
   Power Module

Personal Paging System

Display of real-time bus location information receiving from control center.