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Motorcycle Security and Tracking System

System Description

  • TeamSharp Motorcycle Security System (VCSTS-6 A/AG) is designed to focus on motorcycle's safety and security reporting system. This system is using GSM/GPRS network as backbone, using microprocessor to control motorcycle's security circuit. When the system is activated, it will sound the siren as warning signal and at the same time the microprocessor will cut off electricity supply to prevent motorcycle been driving away. In addition, it will send the SMS signal using GSM network to user's mobile phone to notify user. The user may use mobile phone to cut off electricity supply to prevent the motorcycle from being stolen.
  • Motorcycle security system has auto-recharging function. Under normal condition, its stand-by time can last for 7 days without consuming motorcycle's own battery power.
  • VCSTS-6 is the most advanced motorcycle security system in the market. It is the best solution for decreasing the motorcycle stolen rate.


Standard Type: VCSTS-6A is using GSM/GPRS module as backbone of this system. When the security system has been activated, it will use GSM/GPRS module to notify user his/her motorcycle got stolen.

Advanced Type: VCSTS-6 AG Add GPS receiver to the standard type (VCSTS-6A) and use user's mobile phone or control center to track motorcycle's position.

System Components

Standard Type (VCSTS-6A): Includes GSM/GPRS module, RF communication module, Microprocessor, rechargeable battery, and alarm signal module.

Advanced Type (VCSTS-6AG): Standard Type + GPS receiver and antenna.