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Picture of Car / Boat Security and Tracking System for Taxi Security and Dispatching

GPS-Taxi Safety Control and Dispatching System

GPS- Taxi Safety Control and Dispatching System is specially design for taxi fleet. It uses GPS and GSM/GPRS communication system to dispatch, trace, rescue, management and many other functions to manage the taxi fleet. In addition, the control center knows each taxi's situation such as vacant, busy or in rest conditions. Therefore, with taxi dispatching services, the passenger just need to press a key on the remote then the control center will use e-map and customer database to locate customer's location and personal information. With all the information's, the control center can automatically dispatch a nearest vacant taxi to the customer in the shortest time. Hence, it can ensure safety of passenger and driver. This high-tech management system is definitely time and money saving for the customer and the taxi fleet.

System Function

* Managing and tracking each taxi's real time position
* Dispatching any available taxi to destination in shortest time
* LCD MDT in the car can display the customer's location and dispatching command
* Large control and dispatching center can provide the taxi drivers and the customers complete safety control and fast dispatching service
* Dispatching station can become rescue station to create All-People-Security Network
* Passenger and Taxi driver can use their remotes asking for help to ensure safety
* Taxi can be at any place waiting for order to cut down the cost of fuel and decrease the air pollution and traffic volume
* Control and dispatching center can do a great volume of dispatching order
* High-Accuracy E-map can pin-point the exact location of passenger and taxi position
* Vehicles are secured and monitored at all time
* Hands-free unit, two-way communication and dispatching mission recording
* Passenger and taxi driver's database