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Picture of Car Boat Navigation and Multimedia System for GPS Mouse

GPS Receiver
(G-Mouse GM-300)

Product Description

* Built-in SONY's newest 3rd generation solution GPS SOC chip CXD2951.
* 12 parallel satellite-tracking channels for fast acquisition and reacquisition.
* Low power consumption and ultra mini size, only 41 x 41 x 18 (mm).
* Built-in rechargeable battery for memory, RTC backup, and Fast Time To First Fix (TTFF).
* Support NMEA0183 v2.2 data protocol.
* Enhanced algorithms provide superior navigation performance in urban, canyon and foliage environments.
* For Car Navigation, Marine Navigation, Fleet Management, AVL and Location Based Services (LBS), Auto Pilot, Personal Navigation or Touring devices, Tracking devices/ systems and Mapping devices application.
* Waterproof design for all weather.
* Optional USB cable, PDA connector.

Co-operate with E-Map

* Satellite positioning and voice guidance
* Road guidance and auto re-route function
* Best route and alternate planning function
* Map zoom in/out function
* Fast map movement function
* Town/city search function
* Road name and cross road search function
* Input GPS coordinate and show the position on the map

Pin Assignment

Mini Din 6 Pin Male Plug(PS/2 Male Plug)

Technical Specification

AccuracyPosition: 5m w/o S/A
Velocity: 0.1 m/sec w/o S/A
Time: 1 sec
AcquisitionCold Start: 50 sec (Average)
Warm Start: 35 sec (Average)
Hot Start: 2 sec (Min)
SensitivityAcquisition: -139 dBm
Tracking: -152 dBm
DynamicsAltitude: max. 18,000m
Velocity: max. 500m/sec
Acceleration: max. 4g
Navigation Update RateOnce per second
Serial I/OSeries TTL and RS-232 I/O 4.8K (optional 9.6K) NMEA 0183:GGA, GSV, GSA , RMC, (optional VTG, GLL)
Coordinate DatumWGS 84
Power Supply + 5.0VDC and up to 9.0V DC
Power ConsumptionTypical (tracking): 120mW
System Performance Tracks up to 12 satellites L1, C/A code
Operating Temp-40°C ~ 85°C
Operating Temp-55°C ~ 100°C
Humidity 5% ~ 95%
Dimension 41 x 41 x 18 (mm)