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Picture of Car Boat Navigation and Multimedia System for 7" In-Dash Monitor With GPS Navigation

7 " In-Dash Fully Motorized TFT-LCD Monitor
and Built-In GPS Car Navigatior

Special Features

* Screen Size: 7" (diagonal), 16:9
* Fully motorized
* Tilt button
* Remote Control: Full function OSD Remote control
* Menu button to select functions, volume, brightness, contrast, color, tint, display ratio, video input; image up /down and left /right rotation.
* Video In: Color CCD Camera or Game/ AV terminal (VCD/DVD)/ Monitor
* Video Input Selecting Button : select AV1 or AV2
* Audio Out: On board Capacitor microphone/ AV Terminal (Game)


Product Model
LS-70 IV, LS-70 IVG
Display Screen Size (W x H) 154.08 x 86.58 (mm)
Driving Method
Number of Pixels (H x V)
1440 x 234 = 336,960 (pixels)
Audio Output
0.5WĄ]Max. 1.5A)
Backlit Source
Power Supply
LS-70 IV: DC 12V, 800mA, LS-70 IVG: DC 12V, 1200mA
Consuming Power
LS-70 IV: 9.6W, LS-70 IVG: 14.4W
Operating Temperature
5°C ~ 60°C
Storage Temperature-20°C ~ 70°C
Input TerminalsRCA Terminal Audio/ Video; Power Terminal
Power InputDC 12~14V
Weight1850 (g)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
178 x 187.5 x 50 (mm)

*Above specifications can be changed for functional improvement without prior notice.

Car Navigation Functions

All in 1 Solutions-display, navigation, MP3 player and digital photo viewing , navigate by intersection and Points of interest (POI), voice enabled turn by turn instructions , automatic day/ night display mode selection, Instant Route calculation, show driving distance remain and speed etc.

* Roadmap navigating function
* Path computation
* Junction zoom
* Category lookup
* User preferences
* Voice navigation
* MP3 function
* Digital photo playback function
* Easy updating E-map by removable CF card
* Windows CE.net 4.2 OS

Acquired ETC (The Electronics Testing Center) certification with strict testing on Thermal shock, Vibration, Drop, Durability test of switch, High and Low operating voltage in testing lab to bring you more reliability.