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Picture of Car Boat Navigation and Multimedia System for Deluxe Car Navigation Mobile Watcher
Deluxe Car Navigation Multimedia System


NMS800ID/IDR includes vehicle navigation, map searching, voice communication, real-time information, entertainment, mobile internet, mobile office, and many other completed functions. It is also a compact size, stable and low power consumption system with user friendly interface. In addition, it contains extra input/output interfaces which can be fully connected to optional devices in a vehicle to become a compact full-function mobile office.


  • Equipped with Multifunctional retractable 7-inch TFT LCD in-Dash VGA monitor.
  • Software: Powerful vehicle navigation and map matching application software. Users can search different targets with different searching assumptions to come up with the best route. Users can simulate the best route before traveling and the system automatically calculates the time and distance. Vehicle navigation system has voice guidance when vehicles travel through cross roads, freeways and freeway exits.
  • Software functionsĄG include GPS navigation (voice and arrow guidance, best-route simulation, route setting, track recording, map search, input self-defind points, 5 best-route alternates , distance/time calculation, etc.), Mobile internet (internet, E-mail, real-time information), Multi-media(DVD/VCD/CD/MP3), Car-PC etc.

Components Description

  • Main Unit: Car-PC Unit (NAM210-6/10): 10 GB exchangeable HDD, Windows 98/Me/2000/XP operating system, Slot-in DVD-ROM to read information and play different type media. It has Power Management System to connect with ACC for automatic and safe turning on/off the Car-PC. USB interface on the face cover makes easier for user.GPRS mobile internet gives you unlimited internet access, receiving/sending E-mail and real-time information, etc.
  • Monitor: Multifunctional retractable 7" TFT-LCD (full VGA) monitor with touch panel & speaker, 1 set of the VGA and 2 sets of the video input.


* GPRS mobile phone and accessories
* Vehicle rearview CCD camera
* Multi-media (AM/FM/TV/Amplifier) control box(RT-10)
* Mobile Digital TV (DVB)
* Blue-Tooth module

Main Car-PC Unit (NAM210-6/10) Specification

CPU* Onboard VIA C3 1GHz or Eden 667Mhz Processor with 128K L1 cache memory
BIOS* Award 256KB Flash memory
Memory* One 144 pin 256MB SODIMM
* Up to 512MB maximum
VGA* VIA 8606 Twister chip with integrated S3 Savage4 2D/3D/Video Accelerator
* Supports 4/8/16/32 frame buffer using system memory
Ethernet* RTL8100
* IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-T Fast Ethernet compatible
* VIA 82C686
* AC' 97 ver2.0 compliant interface
* 2.5" HDD
* Slot-in DVD-ROM
GPG* Built-in GPS engine board
I/O* 1 VGA port
* 1 Keyboard/Mouse PS2 port
* 1 RJ-45 LAN port
* 1 RS232 Serial port
* 2 USB 1.1 ports
* 1 VGA port
* 3 Audio jacks: line out, line in and microphone in
* 1 GPS antenna connector
* 1 DC Voltage input connector
* 1 Power on/off button
* 1 Reset button
* 2 LED: IDE & DVD-ROM indicators
Dimensions (W x D x H) * 184 x 178 x 51 (mm)
Power Consumptions* 3.5A@12VDC
Operating Temperature * 0 ~ 60° (32~140° F)
Weight* 1.62kgw

7" TFT LCD In-Dash VGA Touch Panel Monitor (LS-70 IT)

350 cd/m2
Video Source Input Terminator VGA input x 1, RCA composite input x 2
Resolution 640 x 480 expand to 1024 x 768
Power Supply 11VDC ~ 24VDC, 1.5A
Dimension 178 x 165 x 50 (mm)
Weight 2 kg ± 5%
Operating Temperature-5°C ~ 60°C

RT10 for external A/V input, TV andFM/AM CN20 for external A/V input

Power Supply
DC12V (11V-16V)
Current Consumption < 10A
Weight1.5 kg

267 x 150 x 30 (mm)

Maximum Power Output 50W x 4