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Advanced Wireless GSM Home Security System

Anti-theft Reporting

* When someone break in , Home-Guard uses GSM network to report automatically to 5 preset numbers: short message for control center, short message for 3 pre-stored mobile phone, and 1 voice call. The owner can monitor or talk to the thief.
* It has 8 security region codes and 1 fire/ smoke code to distinguish. We can choose some certain regions to arm or disarm.

Emergency Reporting

Under emergency situation, the house member can press SOS key on the RF remote or on wireless Door/ Window sensor. Home-Guard also uses GSM network to report to 5 pre-stored numbers: short message for control center, short message for 3 pre-stored mobile phone, and 1 voice call for monitoring or talking.

Complete Message

Short message from the main unit shows the status of the alarm system, including intrusive section, Fire, SOS, Power Failure, and even the door/window sensor ID code. For example, A:ON ALM D1:C D2:C D3:C D4:C D5:C D6:C D7:C D8:O F:ON B:ON. This means region 8 has been broken in.

Wireless Door/Window Sensor

* It can be stuck to any door/window frame, and you will be informed right after intruding.
* It has SOS key on the sensor to make sure it is safe all over the house.
* It can memorize the status of door/window, e.g. Open, Close or Low battery, and will remind the user when arming the alarm.

Extra Functions (optional)

* Fire/Gas Instant reporting: Wireless Heat Sensor, Wireless Smoke Sensor, Wireless Gas Sensor, Wireless CO Sensor
* Wireless Vibration Sensor
* Wireless Glass Break Sensor
* Wireless PIR Sensor
* Wireless Siren and Light
* Optional Wired Auto-Dialer for house phone

Arm/Disarm by SMS

In addition to use the RF Remote, the system allows the users to arm and disarm the alarm system via SMS message from mobile phone. Users can also check the alarm status anytime by simply sending an inquiry SMS message to the main unit.

Monitoring/ Talking

Anytime, the preset phone numbers can call the Home-Guard to monitor or talk to the people in the house.

Power Failure Reporting

When the main power gets cut off. Home-Guard can report to the preset phone numbers immediately.


* Main Unit with back-up battery
* GSM Antenna
* RF Remote Control
* Infer-red Dial Pad
* Wireless Door/ Window Sensors x 2
* Wireless high Decibel Siren with battery
* Power Adaptor x 2