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Picture of Personal / Asset Security and Tracking System for GSM Personal Monitoring Security

GSM Personal Monitoring Security
Remote Monitoring, Mobile Security, World Leading High Tech


Remote Home Monitoring

* Active reporting for children crying and elder person's help
* Anytime remote monitoring

Mobile Anti-theft Protection

* In Vehicle/home or during traveling , any noise or vibrations will report and monitoring immediately

Worldwide Remote Monitoring

* The system uses European mobile communication module (GSM). It is designed for monitoring and security wherever you are in domestic or abroad.

Mobile Phone Remote Control

* Mobile phone remote control such as, active/ passive mode switching, trigger sensitivity, and record/play functions, from worldwide.


* In vehicle, home, traveling, or anywhere you go it always protects you and no distance limitation.
* Small size, easy to hide
* Using mobile phone with voice guidance to operate the GPMS remotely
* Crystal clear monitoring effects in wide area
* Mobile Anti-theft Protection
* Active/ passive remote monitoring for your home
* 3 levels of sensitivity to choose
* Easy to operate, high stability
* Real-time remote recording (6 min)
* Long Stand-by time (up to 26 hours)
* Car/ home adaptor

System Accessories

* GPMS main unit
* Car/Home adaptor
* High sensitivity external microphone
* Built-in NI-MH battery (option, 4400mAh)