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Personal/Object Micro-Tracker


This small and powerful portable device is your personal tracker. The light-weighted deign sends out calls/ messages for emergency rescue. It combines Web service that provides instant tracking inquires. Further with the long standby battery power, it stays on duty 24 hours a day.


* GPS and GSM dual positioning functions
* Auti-touch sensitive emergency call button
* For safety reasons, the battery is not self replaceable SMS dual trams mission: tracks and call for rescue
* Two individually chosen emergency contact numbers function descriptions

Function Descriptions

* The car unit can choose 4 ways (SMS, USSD, VDD and GPRS) to continuously report car location for minimum communication cost.
* Search Mode: under the search mode, the control center could contact the SOS system to understand the carrier's present status and position at any time.
* SOS Mode: the user may press the SOS button to send the X-Y coordinates to the control center to provide the status & position of the user to make appropriate action.
* Portable Design: The system is designed for convenience, users may use specially designed chargers to recharge the system.
* Simplicity On System Setup: Users may use the user-friendly designed system setup with one button on it.
* GPS Fixed-Time Refreshing Function: For the purpose of speedy positioning, the system will automatically start its GPS positioning function to update the newest information at a fixed time.
* Twp-Way Communication: The control center may communicate with users.
* Red/ Green Light: Signals for communication, red light indicating "off" for communication & green light indicating "on" for communication.
* Expected Dimension (L x W x H): 110 x 50 x 20 (mm)

System Diagram